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Newspress Ireland is the official automotive news source for journalists operating in Ireland.

We're now supplying the global automotive media with the latest content quicker, easier and more effectively than ever before.

Approved users benefit from unrestricted access to the latest Irish automotive press releases, images, videos, contacts and more – all here in one place.

For more than 40 years, Newspress has been assisting top automotive PR departments and consultancies with their media communications. Please find details of the services offered by Newspress below.

Newspress Ireland is the official automotive news source for journalists operating in Ireland.

  • Live press release news feed
  • Unedited, official press releases only
  • Press releases from major automotive brands combined into one source
Automotive Press Releases

Newspress curates an email containing links to all of the day’s Irish market automotive press releases

  • Never miss a press release again
  • Only contains official, unedited releases
  • Thumbnail images and preview text for all releases
E-mail Inbox

Newspress Ireland users can sign up to receive email alerts the moment a new automotive press release is published

  • Receive a branded email alert linking directly to a newly published release
  • Perfect for real time online reporting
  • Subscriber service – opt in or out of receiving email alerts
McLaren media website screenshot
The McLaren Media Website

Extensive gallery of high resolution images and videos available to download for editorial use

  • Irish market media images and videos available for editorial use
  • Every image issued with a press release is automatically added to the Newspress image gallery
  • Videos can be embedded or downloaded in .mp4 quality
Digital Press Pack

Official content aggregated for all major international Motor Shows, complete with editorial photography from the events

  • Find all official press information for specific events in one place
  • Extensive, professionally shot photography available from all major Motor Shows
  • All content free to use for editorial
Video Editing Desk

Newspress Ireland is part of a global network of official automotive news portals

  • Newspress Ireland is part of a global network that also covers the UK, Netherlands and USA
Bespoke Invitation

Contact Us

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